Brisbane Cycling Festival - Brisbane Cycling Festival

AusCycling QLD Cyclo-cross Series Round 3 - EkkaCross at the Brisbane Cycling Festival

SBS Festival Village

1:30pm - 8:00pm 10/07/2021

Brisbane Showgrounds

RATS Cycling Club and Brisbane Cycling Festival presents the third race of the 2021 AusCycling QLD Cyclo-cross State Series within the SBS Festival Village at the Brisbane Showgrounds.

Racing for all levels from balance bikes to A grade.

Don't have a cyclo-cross or gravel bike? Grab whatever you have and come and race opens!

Course opens at 1:30pm with racing from 2:30pm - 7:40pm (see schedule below).

Event Registration:
CLICK HERE to register!

Entry Fees - Open Now:

  • A, B & C Grades: $30.00.
  • Opens/Mountain Bike, Junior Under 17 & Under 15: $20.00.
  • Kids Under 13, Under 11 & Little Crosses (Under 9/Balance Bikes): $5.00.

*We encourage you to enter online as limited spaces are available. There will be an additional $5.00 administration fee for on the day entries, if there are spaces available.


  • AusCycling membership is required for all racers (adults and kids).
  • Free Trial options available to newcomers, CLICK HERE for more information.


  • 1:30pm: Registration Opens & Practice - Course Available for Warm Up.
  • 2:30pm: Mens C, Opens & Under 15 - 30min Race.
  • 3:20pm: Kids Under 13, Under 11 and Little Crossers (Under 9/Balance Bike) - 15min Race.
  • 4:00pm: Mens B & Under 17 - 40min Race.
  • 5:00pm: Presentations for Mens B, C, Opens, 17 & 15 and Kids Under 13, Under 11 & Little Crossers.
  • 5:00pm: Practice - Course Available for Warm Up.
  • 5:50pm: Womens B, C, Open, Under 17 & Under 15 - 30/40min Race.
  • 6:40pm: Mens A and Womens A - 50min Race.
  • 7:40pm: Presentations for Womens A, B, C, Open, Under 17 & Under 15 and Mens A.
  • 7:40pm: Course Pack Up - Please hang around and help us pack up.


  • These are community run events and we need help especially with setting up the course, running the rego desk and keeping the course safe.
  • CLICK HERE to sign up to volunteer.

Free for all spectators to watch!

Code of Conduct:
All QLD CX races are held under the oversight of AusCycling, and we ask all participants, volunteers and spectators to abide by the AusCycling Code of Conduct, CLICK HERE to access the code of conduct.

Further information including series regulations can be found at AusCycling Queensland by CLICKING HERE.

What is Cyclo-cross?

Cyclo-cross is a very specific type of bike racing. For the most part, the course is off-road but there are sometimes portions of pavement included in the course. Riders can expect to encounter grass, dirt, mud, gravel, sand, and a whole slew of other assortments and combinations. The races are based on a set time (measured by numbers of laps), not distance. Depending on the category, a race can be as short as 15 minutes (for kids) or as long as 60 minutes. In most cases, race officials wait to see how quickly riders complete the first lap before deciding how many total laps will be completed. Depending on course conditions and pack motivation, the total time may be a few minutes less or more than the race flyer lists.

Courses are twisty circuits and typically include barriers as well as other features that will necessitate hopping off and back onto the bike. Obstacles are generally no more than 40 cm high and placed 4-6 m apart. With very few exceptions, barriers are small enough for everyone to safely run through. Those brave (and skilled) enough can hop their bikes right over. Often there are hills, sand pits and muddy sections that are too difficult or slow to ride, so a racer will shoulder their bike and run with it. Running has become a smaller part of racing over the last decade, but under some conditions, you’ll find mud so thick it’s often faster to run.

Technically, cyclo-cross is a form of bike racing, but you can think of it as a lifestyle that involves grabbing any bike, and navigating any type of terrain or obstacle, in the fastest and most efficient way possible. It’s also an adventuresome style of riding, with a versatile bike that allows you to explore any gravel or dirt road, park or trail that you stumble upon.



Important Dates:

SBS Festival Village


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