Big Bike Film nights at the Brisbane Cycling Festival!

The Big Bike Film night is coming to the Brisbane Cycling Festival this year, with not only one but two screenings! Be treated to the Sunday in Hell, and 'The Best of' the Big Bike Film Night from 2015 - 2019!

A Sunday in Hell - Wednesday 1st April

In honour of the most famous of the spring classic "monument" races - Paris-Roubaix, we're bringing this outstanding cycling documentary to the BIG screen.

This film has stood the testament of time in terms of documentary making, cycling prowess and cutting edge cinematography.

"Argubly the best film ever made about professional cycling" - Peter Cowie, International Film Guide.

'The Best of' the Big Bike Film Nights from 2015 - 2019 - Thursday 2nd April

It’s customary to mark turning 5 years old with a special occasion, and The Big Bike Film Night is no exception; celebrating this milestone with “The Best of” The Big Bike Film Night 2015-2019, in Brisbane at the Schonell Theatre on Thursday 2nd April 2020.

Going back in time, spinning and grinning- looking through the years at our journey showcasing the very best cycling short films from around the world.

What can you expect? A STANDOUT collection of short movies that have everything a cycling-centric audience could want and crave- action, drama, humour, and plenty of inspiration.

The event is unashamedly, unequivocally, and utterly designed and devised for the two wheel devotee with movies that celebrate the fun, adventure and inspiration that cycling enables.


So...listen to the voice inside you; it’s telling you to go. Grab your mates, grab your tickets, GO ON… grab your bike and come along for the ride.

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