10 Tips for Masters Track National Championships

Brisbane Cycling Festival ambassador Gabrielle Thomasz has been riding for as long as she remembers, but it wasn't until her husband introduced her to the local outdoor velodrome that the true love affair with track cycling began. With the real need for more speed, Gabrielle slipped in with the junior training sessions, and before she knew it she was racing at the local Wednesday Night Racing sessions and was hooked instantly. Since then, she hasn't looked back and gone onto won a few gold medals and at the 2020 Cycling Australia Masters Track National Championships will be looking to add to her medal collection in the Sprint and Scratch Race events.

This week, the Brisbane Cycling Festival caught up with Gabrielle to talk about all things Track Cycling and here are her top 10 tips on racing at the Cycling Australia Masters Track National Championships:

  1. Be early - nothing is more stressful than getting set up in a hurry before a race.
  2. Make sure you sign in each day, have your equipment checked before you start racing and let the commissaire know if you'r not riding any of the races.
  3. Keep an eye on event numbers - things usually run on time and sometimes even early at the Anna Meares Velodrome.
  4. Bring rollers or find someone you can share rollers with - once the day is underway it is generally the only way to warm up.
  5. Drink fluids - it can get pretty hot in the Anna Meares Velodrome and you're in there all day, so don't forget to hydrate every day.
  6. Bring plenty of snacks - fuel to keep you going all day, so you don't have to rely on vending machine or takeaway food.
  7. Take a walk - the underground breezeways and halls are much cooler than the infield and it is nice to get some fresh air and clear your head (just don't miss your next event!!!).
  8. Thank the volunteers and officials - without them these events wouldn't happen. It's hard work and they are generally the first to arrive and the last to leave, whole we get to do the fun stuff, so make sure you show your appreciation.
  9. Enjoy the racing - it's easy to get caught up with nerves and focus to do well in your races, but so much of the enjoyment of Master's racing is about the firendships and camaraderie, so make sure you soak it up.
  10. Don't lose your rental car keys - don't ask!

To catch all the action from the Masters Track Nats, head to the Anna Meares Velodrome this Thursday for four days of awesome racing. Tickets are just $10 at the door. For more information visit tracknationals.org.au!

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